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Clare with Rusty and Bob

 About Clare Roper-Paris

Clare Roper-Paris, born in 1965, lives in Powys, Mid-Wales with her husband John having moved here from Devon shortly after rescuing two very young Dartmoor Cross foals.

“We already had two horses and didn’t have enough land to accommodate two more, so unwilling to re-home them into an unknown future – we decided to move. We share our home with horses, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens and bees as well as all the other creatures that have their home here!

I was a registered homeopath for over ten years and was a Mentor at one of the homeopathic schools for a number of years.  My path then changed as I began to follow my love of animals and started to explore animal communication. Having had animals since an early age, they often helped me through difficult times, and I found myself increasingly drawn to explore the ways in which animals ‘seem’ to come into our lives at just the right time, or for a particular reason – often giving so much.

Having had horses for many years, I’ve long understood that they are great teachers. Over the years I’ve been challenged in so many ways to let go of what I thought I knew, to get out of my head, and to feel what the horse is saying. Lonesome my oldest horse is a master teacher and often offers “pearls of wisdom” during my teaching work.

Over the years I’ve given various talks about myth and as my journey into myth has Dragonsdeepened, I have found it to be incredibly insightful, holding much wisdom which speaks directly to the deepest part of us. My love of myth led me to explore it in relation to animals, Nature and the Sacred Feminine. It is a great tool to help us re-establish a more conscious, harmonious relationship between ourselves, our inner landscape and the world around us.

I have also been involved with healing practises for many years and give guidance to those individuals who are called to this field and I mentor those who seek to work with animal communication and healing. I have found it necessary that in order to do this work effectively, sufficient progress should be made in relation to our own inner healing and re-orientation to our Inner Sacred Nature as this is fundamental to be able to work deeply with the Nature realms. I  run a spiritual group for those who are ready to commit to their own spiritual development and unfoldment and who seek guidance, help and the support of like-minded people.

I love to paint, and am often inspired by the Celtic culture, the beautiful Welsh landscape, my animals, and by the Great Soul that connects us all.

Now, as well as enjoying my life here with all my lovely animal companions and nature, I Sunflowerbring my experiences with animal communication, myth, the spiritual path, healing and horses together in order to help others build a deeper connection to their own animals. To reach their deepest most authentic Self and the Sacred Feminine. Within our 11 acre Mid-Wales small holding, we are fortunate to have a stand alone training building and facilities for my Animal Communication sessions. We border Shropshire, North & West Wales, and the local town of Welshpool has excellent train connections.

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