Animal Communication 1 to 1 Consultations

Butterfly type2Animal Communication 1 to 1 consultations

I offer one-to-one consultations for you and your animal companion. These can help to shed light on ‘inexplicable’ behaviour, or perhaps you feel that your animal is trying to tell you something but you can’t ‘work out’ what that is. Maybe you want to know how your animal feels about something or you want to connect with them at a deeper level. Perhaps you know that your animal has deep wisdom to share with you and you want help to explore this. Perhaps your relationship with your animal companion isn’t all that it could be and you want help with this. As you can see, people seek individual consultations for many reasons.

Mostly, the communications I carry out with animals are distance communications, as I don’t need to by physically with your animal to be able to connect with him or her. I do occasional home visits if in my locality.

To carry out communications I will need a recent photo of your animal and sometimes a Midnightsmall hair sample is useful. I will ask you a few basic questions about your animal and obviously I will need to know what specific areas or questions you would like me to ask them. Please note though, that I always invite your animal companion to say whatever they want and therefore I never know what direction this will take!

After the communicataion is complete I’ll either email your or we’ll arrange a time to have a chat on the phone about what has been relayed.Happy Dogs

Fees: I charge £45.00 plus extra for any home visits.



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