EarthAnimal & Celtic Art

I studied at Plymouth College of Art & Design in the late 1980’s. Over the last 10 years I have been inspired to return again to my art by the beauty and wonder of the Animal and Nature realms. My love of the Celtic Tradition figures strongly, as it reflects the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. Living here in rural Mid-Wales, there is much to inspire my art.

With my Celtic paintings I enjoy using the vibrancy of the colours, along with the fine and intricate detail that takes many hours to create and perfect. In contrast, creating my animal paintings allows a greater level of freedom and an ability to capture the essence of the subject.

My painting medium is Gouache and ink. The framing of my pictures is carried out by John, my husband, who makes the frames from trees that have fallen naturally on our smallholding, rather than trees that have been cut down commercially, reflecting our love and respect for trees. Normally the timber used is Oak or Cherry. 

Prices for my paintings are available upon request, generally they range from £80 – £180.

I also work on a commission basis for animal portraits.

Click picture to enlarge:

Size A3

Celtic Knotwork- Size A3

Art 6

The Four Dragons – Size A3

Art 4

The Sacred Salmon – Size A3

The Four Horses

The Four Horses – Size A3

Art 2

The Eternal Knot – Size A3

Art 5

The Great Mother – Size A3 with W225mm x D225mm painting

Art Tree

Tree of Life – Size A3

Art 7

Equine Duality – SOLD

Text Here

The Maze – Size A3

Art 10

The Gundestrup Stag – Size A3

Art 12

Dogs of the Underworld – Size A3 with 185mm painting


The Lunar Mare- Size A3

Jerry – SOLD

Hazel – SOLD

Midnight – SOLD

The Beach – SOLD

The Lion


The Owl – SOLD

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