Realm of the Horse

I worked with Nuzzle yesterday in the arena (she’s our little Dartmoor cross pony). She loves it in the arena. I wanted to work with her off-line which met with her approval. ‘Let’s have some fun’, she said. ‘Let’s play’. Ok I said and we did. She leapt and danced and then came back to me. We would run together and then stop together. I would ask her turn to me and she did, and then she would come back to me for a cuddle before we started again. I was enjoying the ‘invisible thread’ that seemed to connect us and she piped up ‘we want to be connected to you, but it’s supposed to be fun too’. Then she showed me images of how easily working with a horse in the arena becomes ‘making a horse do….’ The energy changes, the relationship balance shifts and something is lost.

I then suggested that I put her on a long 22ft line and continue with the fun. ‘Ok’ she said. We did different things together on line, but I really ‘got’ how easily having a horse ‘attached’ with a line can change how we interact with them. ‘ Pretend it’s not there’ she said, I did and off we danced again.



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