Introduction to the Sacred Feminine

 Introduction to the Sacred Feminine – Deepening and transforming your understanding of The Self , Nature and the World around you


The different aspects of my work – animal communication, the realm of the horse and Art 5the Sacred Feminine are all interconnected. They all spring from the fountain of the Great Mother. Some will just want to explore one aspect of my work, whilst others will hear the call to weave them all into a greater conscious understanding.

Working with Myth from the Greek, Sumerian and Celtic traditions I run workshops which help women identify how the Sacred feminine expresses itself within and through them, how the Sacred feminine has become fragmented and dissonant within them – and their relationships, and how this can be brought back into a greater harmony.

With the goddess wheel work, we look at different archetypal goddesses (aspects of the Great Mother) and you will find out which ones are most and least active within you. We will explore how the individual archetypes work and have expression. This can help you to understand when there is a ‘clash of the goddesses’ within which pull you in different directions or creates confusion. This work also helps you to understand your relationships with the other women in your life. You learn how to call upon the different archetypal goddesses when needed, bringing to you their strengths and insights. This work can also help you to bring forth Sacred Action according to your individual make-up which is of benefit to us all.

With Innana we follow her myth as she descends into the Underworld, discarding all that does not belong to her, to ascend once more to life – more complete, and powerfully present within herself.

egyptianWith Celtic myth we explore the Goddess of the Land and her importance to the vitality of the kingdom, and how when this becomes corrupted, it becomes the wasteland.

Myth is such a rich source of wisdom. Each of our journeys will be unique, but they will lead us to a deeper and more profound relationship to the Sacred Feminine.

It is my belief that this work is vitally important at this time in our human history, so that we can stand fully in the Sacred Feminine and thus embrace the Divine Masculine.

I will offer a variety of workshops on this theme, so please do have a look at the ‘workshop’ page.

Hymn to Gaia
Mother of all
Foundation of all
The oldest one
I shall sing to the Earth
she feeds everything
that is in the world
Whoever you are
whether you live upon her sacred ground
or whether you live along the paths of the sea
you that fly
it is she who nourishes you
from her treasure-store
(taken from an Homeric Hymn)
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