Learning to communicate with animals can be a life-changing adventure and one that will open your heart and mind to the beauty, intelligence and wisdom of the other species with whom we share our Earth.

I have found that gaining clear and consistent connections and communications with animals requires a combination of factors:

  • The basic protocols and techniques of how to connect with them.
  • How you as a human need to ‘be’ in order to hear them.
  • Structured and consistent practise with animals, including remote work (some of which can be verified for accuracy).
  • A thorough understanding of how you may be blocking the flow of communication.

It is from this foundation that the Nature and animal realms can be opened up and explored in an ever more profound depth.

My 1-to-1 mentoring, via video link and full email support, facilitates your pathway into animal communication. Allowing for a less formal method of learning than the 6 month course, and one which can be done from your home. It enables me to tailor the teaching of this art and skill to you as an individual, so that we work towards achieving whatever your goal is, and at your pace of learning or life demands.

I take an experiential approach, coaching you in how you should orientate yourself, enabling you to gain the confidence that you are truly ‘hearing’ the animals.

I offer a free initial 20 to 30 minute video or phone call with you, so that we can discuss how mentoring could best work for you. Also providing you the ability to ask me any questions you may have.

My mentoring fees are:

£105 per month – to include Video session and full email support.

£155 per month – to include 2 Video sessions and full email support.

Here are a few of my animals who assist me with my teaching work:

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