Sacred Feminine Workshops

Goddess Wheel Workshop

Dates Available Upon Request

This is a weekend workshop during which you will be guided to discover and explore the Greek Goddess Archetypes and  find which ones are most active within you and your life. Through this process you will be able to develop a deeper understanding and relationship with all your inner goddess archetypes, thus bringing them into a greater harmony in both your inner and outer life. ‘’Know Thyself…’ has always been a powerful maxim to guide the seeker on the path of personal and spiritual growth and transformation. It is difficult to know ourselves without understanding the archetypes that are influencing our lives and how they provide a lens through which we perceive our inner and outer worlds. Archetypes speak to us through the language of Myth and symbol. As universal patterns of power they are the keys to our own personal power.

When working with our archetypes we can awaken to their power, understand ourselves at a deeper level and positively change our lives. The Goddess Wheel workshop is a journey into the 6 primary archetypal patterns or ‘goddesses’ of the Sacred Feminine, found in Greek Myth.  You will be able to identify your unique archetypal wheel, the goddesses that are most prominent and those which have little ‘say’ in your life. When these archetypes are out of balance or not fully integrated into our lives it can create a sense of lack or yearning within – perhaps we feel ill at ease with ourselves, job or relationship. Sometimes our mix of goddess archetypes pulls us in different directions. Being unaware of this can result in an inner sense of conflict or feeling that we are not living the life that our inner self is calling us to live. Conflicts with the women in our lives eg mother, sister, colleagues, friends can sometimes be a clash of the goddess archetypes. Once this is understood a new perspective and way forward can often be gained. By identifying and exploring your own archetypal patterns you begin the process of ‘knowing yourself’ at a deeper level.

This workshop will help you to  understand how the Sacred Feminine is working within you and with this understanding you are able to access the far greater resources, gifts and qualities that each of these goddess archetypes offer. When they are woven together into a greater, conscious harmony this can greatly empower your sense of Self and life. Throughout the weekend I will guide you through the myths of each of these important Archetypes and help you to find your own unique make-up of the six most prominent goddesses. You will be able to explore how they are influencing your life and also where conflict between goddesses affect. You will be guided, through specific exercises, to find out more about your Goddess archetypes and how they work within you – and what they want to say to you! You will learn how to identify how they may be trying to have a voice in your life and what if feels like when a particular archetype has been either exaggerated or denied expression. When the goddess archetypes are out of balance you feel at odds with yourself, pulled in different directions, unsure of what you want but knowing that something just isn’t right.  Perhaps you want to do something, but lack the confidence, or are uncomfortable about interacting in groups because you pick up other people’s energy too easily. Perhaps you keep people at a distance, and yet another part of you wants to reach out. This will be a weekend of journey, exploration and laughter as insights are gained and circlesexperiences shared. During the last section of the weekend I will introduce a 7th Goddess, not shown in the Goddess Wheel, but present none-the-less: Hestia.

Each day (Saturday and Sunday) starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm Cost: £125 (£70 deposit requested) I keep groups small, a maximum of 8 participants. If you would like to attend or have any further questions, please email me via the contact page.

Interested in the workshop, but can’t make the date? Contact me and I will work with you to arrange a date that suits, for a small group.    

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