An Interview with a dog: Let’s talk about dogs and love

I would like to share with you an example of how animal communication works for me as an animal communicator as well as hopefully offering insights into how a different species and individual within that species feels about a certain subject. After all, it’s always so insightful to hear or read what they have to say about something from their perspective isn’t it?

So for today, I have written the transcript of some of my conversation with one of my dogs about a subject of their choosing. This is slightly different from my communication consultations where I usually have a list of questions to ask; here, I just let Jerry, my dog, share his thoughts without much interruption from me. There are some limitations with presenting this ‘interview’ in this way as I also receive numerous images, felt sensations from many other dogs, pertinent to what Jerry was talking about, which for simplicity, I’ve left out. So, here is the pared down version of what Jerry had to say, oh and do ponder on the list he gives towards the end:

Let’s talk about dogs & love

Jerry: “All dogs want to love and to love completely. It is in our nature to do so. Some of us, in our woundedness, find it difficult, sometimes impossible to express or even acknowledge this. But, it IS in our nature to want to love.

You humans often find it hard to love. I think you find it much harder than we do. I think that you are more wounded than we are.

We show and express love in different ways according to our temperament and the human individual. I have found that humans are often emotionally fragile and less able to be honest about how they feel than us. This can cause us to worry and to be anxious. For others (i.e. other dogs) it makes us want to express our love even more towards you.

So often the behaviour you see coming from us is misunderstood by you. So often, at the bottom of it all, is the desire we have to show love.

I show love by: being with you as often as I can. By coming to you when you feel low. By being as constant as I can to you through the difficulties of your life. By always letting you know I love you. By resting my head on you. By giving you licks as often as I can. By playing with you, although that’s harder for me now. By ALWAYS being there for you, at any time. By always being ready to show you that I love you. By always being happy to see you when you come home. By always looking to you when you are about to leave the house to aske how long you will be gone for. By always being on your side and with you, no matter what.

These are the ways I show you that I love you. I’m sure there are more too…”

Clare: “Do all dogs want to express love like this? Aren’t some either very shy and reserved, scared or have different priorities?”

Jerry: “Yes, but even so, given the chance even they will express their desire to love.”

Clare: “What can we humans do to help with this?”

Jerry: “Be willing to open your heart to see all the ways we are expressing our love to you, and just love us back.”

So, that was a part of what Jerry had to say about ‘dogs and love’. It may be worthwhile to go back and take a look at the list of all the ways he expressed his love towards me. I know there are many more…Take this and if you have a dog, or any other animal companion for that matter, apply this to them and I think you will find that there are so many ways that they demonstrate their love towards us- some obvious but many not so. Some tangible and others much more subtle or energetic. Dogs, like other animals work simultaneously and fluently on different levels, and when we develop this too the whole world of animal communication becomes vast.

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