We ask you to stand strong in who you are. Often who you are is clouded by who you are not… It is a veil… We see this veil… Sweep aside the veil, so that who you are shines forth.” – Lonesome

This work is dedicated to working with the Horse at a deeper level. Horses have worked with us for thousands of years, but now they are calling for the relationship between us to be based on a radically different foundation than has previously existed. Horses, being very sensitive, see and feel when our relationships with them are based on Ego dominance or from a deeper sense of authenticity. Horses have often been portayed in Myth as being able to carry the seeker to a deeper part of themselves or to the Underworld. Thus the horses in our lives can assist us on our Journey to remember who we are and to let go of what we are not.

This work, as it incorporates animal communication and Myth, is also for those who feel drawn to horses but have not had the opportunity of having a horse companion.Baby Foals



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