About Clare Roper-Paris

Clare Roper-Paris, born in 1965, lives on the Cornish side of the Tamar Valley with her husband John, and their animals.

“I have taught animal and Nature communication for many years, via group workshops, one-to-one teaching & mentoring, and an in depth course. I also work with Greek mythology (which is such a rich source of wisdom) to help people understand how archetypal patterns contained within the myths relate to them. I was a registered homeopath for over ten years and a Mentor at one of the homeopathic schools for a number of years and having studied and taught esoteric subjects and meditation at length, I use my skills and knowledge to teach people who have embarked on the spiritual path how to find a clear and strong anchor into their own inner Sacred Nature. This is something that I have found to be invaluable when helping people to dive deep into the Nature realms. I weave spiritual teaching and practises into all of my work as this is a part of our re-connection to Nature. This also greatly influences my artwork.

I love to paint and am thoroughly inspired by living in Cornwall! My love of animals, Nature, Celtic myth & tradition also fuel my passion for creating my artwork. I find that animals both native to Britain as well as those who are written about in Celtic myth give me plenty of ideas, as does the intricate pattern and knotwork so masterfully created by the Celts.

Over the years, I’ve given various talks about esoteric subjects and myth and as my journey into myth has Dragonsdeepened, I have found it to be incredibly insightful, holding much wisdom which speaks directly to the deepest part of us. My love of myth led me to explore it in relation to animals, Nature and the Sacred Feminine. It is a great tool to help us re-establish a more conscious, harmonious relationship between ourselves, our inner landscape and the world around us.