Why I love speaking with animals.

Speaking with animals is awesome. I really mean this. To be able to converse with a being who isn’t of the same species but who shares life here on our beautiful Earth is, for me, a profound and humbling experience and exchange.

One of the many reasons I feel this way is that speaking with animals offers us a way to see life and life lived on this Earth from an entirely different perspective. This in and of itself can help to radically change and transform our life and how WE live our lives on this Earth. Listening to how animals perceive things and relate to experiences can assist us in loosening the ties that are so often in place within our own psyches. Ties which limit us from perceiving a more wholistic view of LIFE; one which involves us and one which intimately connects us to everyone one else, human and non-human alike.

This of course can lead us to another deep realisation. And by this I mean we actually and tangibly feel and experience it within all of our being. The realisation is- that humanity isn’t separate from the other species of this Earth. Although we have differences, of course, there is so much more that entwines us together. Many animals already know this and this is why so many reach out to us. How they do this varies of course, but reach out to us they do, through their interactions with us, the sharing of emotions with us, their companionship with us, their challenges to us and simply by their presence.

Communication with them adds a whole new layer onto this. One in which, for those of us who are able and willing will transform communication into communion, where although we are outwardly different, we no longer recognise or see this as an obstacle to knowing one another Soul to Soul.

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