Animal Communication – Tell Me What’s Wrong…Well, up to a point!

Let me begin this article with a caveat: there are times when, because we are so close to our own animals, we need to get another animal communicator to give us a more ‘distanced and objective’ perspective on  something that is going on with them or with our relationship with them. We are just too close to see clearly. This situation is, at times, quite usual! This being said and acknowledged there is another angle that also needs exploring.

I’ll never forget a lady named Marianne whom I met many years ago. She was Australian and used to come over with a chap called Lionel Fifield to give talks on personal development. I loved listening to her – she was an extraordinary woman. She could see auras, not just those hazy shadows that others see, no she was the real deal – she could see very detailed auras which gave her insight into the emotional, physical and spiritual wounds and dynamics that were happening within a person’s life. She spent much of her life helping people. One thing she always used to say before giving a talk or when talking about her work was: “How much truth do you want to hear”? Why did she start so? She found out through her experiences of working with clients, that although she could see clearly what was going on in peoples energetic system, and that they came seeking help, the reality was that they didn’t always want to hear or see the Truth about their lives at all, and this was part of the reason they put blocks on their healing process. So Marianne learned that before giving an energetic reading for the person – they needed to acknowledge not just to her but to themselves just how much Truth they actually wanted.

Why have I shared this? I’ve started with this as an introduction because one of the blocks that I come across in people who are learning to communicate with animals, in particular their own, or with clients that ask for my help with their animals, is that, in truth they don’t want to hear it or if they do, only a watered down version – that which is within acceptable limits. In truth, somewhere deep inside them, they already have heard what the animal is communicating, or needs, but because it conflicts with what they want to be true they block it out.

As humans, we are very adept at blocking out what we don’t wish to acknowledge or hear whether that’s from our animal companions, life situation or from the whispers of our Soul. Instead of embracing Truth, we shut it out – why? Because it conflicts with our desires, our agendas, our fear of change to name but a few…..Let me give some examples:

  1. Your dog is acting up, playing up and being difficult (notice the phrasing I’m using). You keep him outside and cannot understand why this is happening as he has access to plenty of land and can come and go as he pleases.  The Truth is he doesn’t want to be outside on his own, he wants to be inside, and feel a part of the family. This, conflicts with what you want as to bring him inside means change and making an effort to accommodate him into the family environment. Thus, because you cannot accept the Truth of what he is communicating as it requires change, you block this out.
  2. Your relationship with your horse isn’t in a good place. She’s spooky and difficult when you ride her out. On one level, you acknowledge that things need to change so you get help, more training for the horse. Great. But it’s still not right. Then you realise that may be your emotional state has an impact on her, especially when you ride, so you work hard to acknowledge how you’re feeling and try to be as calm and present with her as you can. All this works, but only to an extent.  You know there is still something not right…..What if the Truth was that your horse was one of those who actually did not want to be ridden at all? This was not what she wanted from her relationship with you and in actual fact had other gifts to offer. Could you be open and willing enough to hear that much Truth?
  3. Your cat seems to be going through a ‘funny’ phase. He keeps meowing at you and sometimes just stares at you. You know he’s trying to tell you something, but what? Normally you have a very intuitive connection with him, but with this you just cannot hear what he’s trying to say. At the same time you are at a crossroads in your life and are thinking about starting to train as a healer. You feel called to do this, but have been putting it off for a long time as you’re not sure you’ll be good enough. It’s been on your mind a lot recently.  You cat is trying to communicate to you that this is something you need to do, but as you are fearful about taking this step you are blocking out his communication.

When we seek to develop a deeper connection and communication channel with our animals, it requires that we enter into a neutral and open state of being. Sometimes it requires courage and commitment from us to be able to bear the Truth. The lesser ego and fearful mind, so full of our own desires and agendas can block the Soul to Soul connection that we want to share with our animals. When you can open to your animal on a Soul level and honour them thus, then no matter how difficult or challenging their message is, your relationship with them will soar to new heights.

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