The Importance of Discernment

I am known for being very particular about honing and using the quality of discernment when working within the subtle and psychic realms. Sometimes annoyingly so….There are a number of reasons why I am so discerning about the information that I receive and why I always want to know, if possible its source.

Discernment is such an important aspect when one is developing accuracy, consistency and confidence in working within these subtle realms. Let me begin by offering a very simple example. When someone is beginning to learn animal communication it is obviously important to be able to hear and receive communication from the animal and to know when one is receiving this. This sounds so obvious that on the surface it needs no further unpicking and exploration. However I would like to go deeper. One of the keys I teach is to really get to know what your thoughts ‘feel’ like when you are thinking, how does it feel to be in your head? This is a simple but very effective way to help you discern your thoughts from that of another source. I cannot tell you how often in my own life and that of students I’ve taught, that the thoughts believed at first to be our own, are not…. For example, so many times the thought will come into my mind to take my dogs out in the van somewhere different. Now, the thing is – often this is NOT my thought but one of my dogs or several, communicating with me via thought what they would like. So, what appears on the surface to be my thought, simply isn’t. If I don’t get this, perceive this, I will have missed the fact that I’ve just received a communication from my animal(s). Also, I have taken to myself something which isn’t mine….This, further down the line when we explore the subtle realms, can have a big and not always helpful, impact on our energetic system…

To know what is yours and to know what isn’t is always important on all levels. In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss, of that I can assure you. For someone, such as myself, who is wired empathically i.e. I naturally as my default mode will take on as if my own : thoughts, feelings energetics etc. from other sources, I was taught very early on to learn high levels of discernment when working in these realms. To trust that all will be well, may be ok in the early days of one’s development but if one wishes to go deeper then the old saying (and I quote) “Heaven doesn’t compensate for lazy or stupid”, comes into action. It really is a good idea to get to grips with how your own intuitive and ‘truth’ mechanism works within you and to work with this when wanting to go do deeper into this work. Years back this was very graphically brought home to me, when I was feeling so overwhelmed energetically and sought to once and for all get to the bottom of what was going on. My guidance was this “most of what you feel, isn’t you. Learn to know what is and what isn’t, otherwise you will never be able to navigate your way clearly. Know yourself, and know the source of what is seeking you out”. This wise counsel has been one of the cornerstones of how I approach my work and teaching. It has never let me down and if you work with it too, it will really help your journey into the psychic fields that are so available to us now.

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