Getting into the flow of the Great Mother Archetypes.

I first encountered this way of working with the 6 primary archetypal power structures of the Great Mother or Sacred Feminine over 30 years ago. This is a blink of an eye of time when working with such archetypal energies. What I have noticed though in the last few years knowing them as I do, is that there is a flow to how they work in my life; like 6 currents of water flowing together within the river of the the Great Mother power house.

Understanding how archetypes work within our lives is of fundamental importance. To come to know what our primary archetypes are for this incarnation is an invaluable tool to help us navigate our earthly lives. Each archetype is a power matrix or grid, one which is completely impersonal and universal by nature, whilst simultaneously being felt in an utterly personal and intimate way by us. As an simple example: the Mother archetype doesn’t belong to any one individual woman, or any species in particular. It is a vast power structure which surrounds our planet, if you like to see it this way. There is nothing personal at all about this archetype: it potentially aligns to and with many, many women. The fact that a woman becomes a mother is nothing special – at this level of perception, as billions of women become mothers. Any yet….the Mother archetypal presence is felt as being utterly personal and intimate by all of those women…This is the awesome nature of an archetype.

I have found that Greek myth has brilliantly portrayed the 6 primary feminine archetypes of the Great Mother. One can see these 6 ‘goddesses’ playing out in the lives of women everywhere. One can see them being portrayed in film and in books, such is the power that they have. So, to me, it makes sense for a woman to get to know how these archetypes work within her, her life and relationships for they are present whether she knows that they are there or not. To get to know how each of these archetypes function within us help us to consciously draw on their power, gifts and strengths. It helps us to understand how the felt sense of inner conflict that we so often feel is in fact, a conflict between the goddesses within. To know this and to work with them helps us to bring them into a flow within our life. It helps us bring the scattered parts of the Great Mother back together within us, and as we do this both within our self and our outer life, we will inherently feel more connected to the river of Life, the Earth and to one another.

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