If you are interested in the various aspects of my work, then you may find that 1-1 teaching/mentoring sessions would suit you. These sessions are tailored to you as an individual. I teach internationally, accommodating, to the best of my ability, different time zones. I offer teaching in animal communication and The Greek Goddess Archetypal work as well offering Spiritual Direction; which can be invaluable for those who want to dive deep into these subjects.

Animal Communication:

Learning to communicate with animals can be a life-changing adventure and one that will open your heart and mind to the beauty, intelligence and wisdom of the other species with whom we share our Earth.

I have found that gaining clear and consistent connections and communications with animals requires a combination of factors:

  • The basic protocols and techniques of how to connect with them.
  • How you as a human need to ‘be’ in order to hear them.
  • Structured and consistent practise with animals, including remote work (some of which can be verified for accuracy).
  • A thorough understanding of how you may be blocking the flow of communication.

It is from this foundation that the Nature and animal realms can be opened up and explored in an ever more profound depth. Please have a look at my animal communication pages for more detail.

As well as our Zoom based sessions, there is also the option of arranging a face-to-face day session with me at my home in Cornwall, where we can fine tune your skills and you can work face-to-face with my animals.

Sacred Feminine, the Greek Goddess Archetypes:

Understanding how your 6 primary goddess archetypes work, using the Greek mythic structure, can act as a powerful catalyst enabling you to deepen your conscious relationship with your own unique set of archetypal power-grids. This in turn can greatly assist you in navigating your life including both your inner and outer relationships. Please have a look at my Sacred Feminine pages for more detail.

Spiritual Direction:

Having had over 30 years experience with various esoteric and spiritual paths, I have taught and mentored both individuals and groups. All of the work that I now teach is laid upon the foundation of diving deep into our own inner Spiritual Nature. With this in mind, I offer individual spiritual direction for those who seek to dive deep into their own Sacred Nature, offering intuitive insight and guidance for those called to do this work.

Some Details:

My 1-to-1 teaching is carried out via Zoom, with the option of taking up email support as an addition. This offers you an individualised learning experience from the comfort of your home. This method also enables me to tailor the teaching/mentoring to you as an individual based upon my years of experience and intuitive led insights. Together we can work towards achieving whatever your goal is and at your pace of learning.

I offer a free initial 20 minute video or phone call with you, so that we can discuss how this could best work for you. This also lets you ask me any questions that you may have.

My fees are:

£45 for a 1hour session. I advise that in order to get the most out of the teaching, a minimum of 3 are booked.

£60 for a 1hour session along with email support between booked fortnightly or monthly sessions. (This can be tailored individually)