Learning how to develop your intuitive communication and deepen your animal relationships.

There was a time, way back in our history, when we could speak freely and clearly with animals, and with all of Nature. We knew the connection that we had with them and honoured our place alongside them. However, over the centuries, as we developed the ‘reasoning’ side of our nature (which was important to do), we let slip the connection we had with other animals and with Nature herself in all her expressions. We became separate and distant from them. But…the connection we had is still with us – it has never left us – and only waits to be awoken once more.

Communicating with animals is a natural part of who we are, we’ve just forgotten what it feels like and how it works. We’ve also, over the last few thousand years, become distanced from the Earth, and our earth – our body. As we begin to re-connect to our inner Sacred Nature, so too can we find the pathways to connect with outer Sacred Nature.

Animals are such an important part of our lives, and my experience has shown me that mostly, they would love us to connect with them on this level, and as we do so, we start to see the natural world in a different way, losing our sense of separation from it.

Communication with animals can come through via pictures, words or thoughts, Chicks2feelings, a sense of knowing, smell and taste. Often when starting to ‘re-learn’ this skill, you will find that you have one or two ways that you seem to predominately receive and send communication e.g. you may tend to ‘see pictures or images’, or you may feel a particular emotion around an animal etc. Often, I find that when teaching animal communication it is as important to help people to understand what ‘blocks’ they have in place that hinder communication, as well as teaching various animal communication techniques.

Animals come into our lives for many reasons: Some are guides and healers, others mirror for us that which needs to be resolved within ourselves and others simply want to be with us. I also find that some of our animal companions come back to us time and again, in different lives – for various reasons, which can explain why sometimes we feel such a strong bond with  a particular animal.

After the foundations of this skill have been taught and integrated, the deeper aspects of this work open up such as exploring with you in more depth, the sacred connection and teaching/healing that individual animals offer and bring to you.

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