Starting Tuesday 13th February 2024

Please note: this group is still ‘open’ if you would like to sign up. The formation of this group, which I have named “The Semi-Circle”, has been brought about following my experiences over the decades, where I have observed gaps in the foundational structures and knowledge within those who are seeking spiritual unfoldment. These missing links can result in those seeking, being unable to successfully navigate their inner & spiritual unfoldment and transformation. This can lead an individual to struggle, and to feel:

  • something is missing within their life
  • anxiety, depression
  • constantly seeking ‘something’ but never finding ‘what it is’
  • a sense of not fitting in
  • never moving beyond the limitations of their mind or emotions
  • difficulty in navigating their psychic sensitivity and development

This group is dedicated to esoteric studies and the spiritual transformation of the individual, providing a sacred space for learning and discussion, building a tangible sense of a sacred community. A sacred community, comprised of individuals bound together by the desire to dwell within the Sacred Land, within and without, with the Wisdom of the Mystery School tradition to be our guide.

I teach students about the process of inner transformation by using the personal experience I’ve gained from the Egyptian & Greek Mystery Schools and Hermetic esoteric tradition. These traditions are containers of timeless Wisdom and Knowledge, which when brought into a modern context are still, utterly transformative. Such is the power and depth of insight that these traditions contain.

Practical details about the group

Each meeting will be a mix of teaching, exercises & meditation along with time for discussion and feedback.

  • A live Zoom group, held the 2nd Tuesday of each month
  • Time: 7-8.30pm UK time
  • £10 per month, to be paid twice yearly before the start of the next 6months of meetings
  • No recording is made of the meetings
  • Practical exercises given to help people engage more fully with their own inner work and transformation

Here is a YouTube link to a short video about the group:

Any Questions?

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