In these times of uncertainty and change, many of us are being asked to come into a new, deeper and more conscious relationship with the Earth, the Sacred Feminine and with Soul. It is more important than ever now, that we do….

Over the last few thousand years, with the coming of the age of Patriarchy, we have increasingly lost our inherent connection to the Mother Principle both within and without. It has become distorted and weakened (as has our relationship with the Divine Masculine).

This process is articulated in the myths of Greece where the Great Mother of the ancients became splintered into different goddesses who were often at odds with one another. The myths show how this happened, and how this affected our relationship with Sacred Earth, with our inner Sacred Feminine and with our relationship with the Soul of the World.

We can trace how this happened throughout our history, especially from around the time of  Ancient Greece onwards, followed by the Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions, the witch hunts, and then onto  the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ and Industrial Revolution (however important these aspects were to the technical side of human development). Increasingly we became disconnected from the Feminine, from the body, from our intuitive function, from Nature, from the Soul of the World and the Soul within.

I’ve studied Myth as well as the knowledge held within the Mystery schools for over 30 years and have found both to be a source and vehicle of timeless Wisdom and Truth. The ancient myths of Egypt, Greece and the later Grail legends are all so very relevant for us today, which is in itself a demonstration of the power and truth that they carry and convey. I weave the teachings and guidance of myth into my workshops both with the Nature realms and with the Sacred Feminine and I work specifically with Greek myth to help women heal and transform their relationship to the Sacred Feminine within, which lies within the Sacred domain of the Soul, so that in turn we can all be better placed to heal our relationship to the Great Mother and Earth in all of her forms and expressions.

This work is deeply healing, empowering and transformational, because; by living this, and through Sacred Action, it re-establishes the sacred connection between us All.

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