The Goddess Wheel: A sacred journey of illumination & reclamation of the Sacred Feminine within.

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A Weekend Workshop

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The Goddesses of Ancient Greece were once powerful archetypal forces or ‘power networks’ of the Great Mother herself. As such, they were aspects of her, each with specific functions, attributes and gifts. As archetypes work on a personal as well as impersonal level, these goddess ‘power networks’ also flow within us and can be felt by us.

There came a time when the age of the Great Mother gave way to the age of Patriarchy and this can be seen through the changing of the Mythic structure itself. The goddesses of the Great Mother, over time, were superseded by the male sky gods of the North, and the whole orientation and relationship between the masculine and feminine began to change. This changing relationship was also reflected in society, culture and spiritual traditions, and as the age of Patriarchy became established there was a weakening and diminishing of the Great Mother principle. One of the strategies of the age was to divide the goddesses ever more from one another and their Mother Root, create conflict and competition among them and diminish their power and role both in culture and spirituality. This has left its mark and wound within each one of us as well as in the human collective psyche.

‘’Know Thyself…’ has always been a powerful maxim and one which guides us on the path of personal and spiritual growth and transformation. As such, an important step of this path is to know which archetypes are influencing our lives and how they provide a lens through which we perceive our inner and outer worlds. As archetypes speak to us through the language of Myth and symbol, we will use these during the workshop to help unlock these universal patterns of power as they are the keys to our own personal power.

In this workshop, you will learn your unique make-up of the 6 primary Greek goddess archetypes of the Great Mother Principle, how animated each of them is in your life and how they work through you. You will also be able to identify those goddesses whose voice isn’t as clearly heard or understood and where there is conflict.  Through this process you will be able to develop a deeper understanding of all your inner goddess archetypes, helping you to develop a conscious and co-creative relationship with them. This, in turn, will enable you to bring them into a greater harmony in both your inner and outer life. This is because, when we awaken to their power as it flows within us we understand ourselves at a deeper, Soul level which  positively empowers and changes our lives.

Here are the 6 primary ‘power networks’ or goddesses of the Sacred Feminine found in Greek myth that we will be working with, along with a taster of some of their fields of influence: 

  • Demeter, Mother of all, Life, community
  • Artemis, Nature, of the wilds, shaman
  • Aphrodite, Eros, love & sensuality, the arts
  • Athena, Civilization, intellect, career, wisdom,
  • Persephone, Underworld, mystic, visionary, healer
  • Hera, Power, worldly power, tradition, morality

Each of these goddess archetypes, with their own set of inherent qualities bring so much into our lives. However, when these archetypes are out of balance or not fully integrated into our lives it can create a sense of lack, disempowerment, conflict or inner yearning. Perhaps we feel ill at ease with ourselves, a job, relationship or how we fit into the world…. Sometimes our mix of goddess archetypes and their competing ‘voices’ pulls us in different directions, so we end up going nowhere. When an archetype has been exaggerated or denied expression in our life, we can feel a sense of inner conflict or that we are not living the life that our Soul is calling us to live. Conflicts with the women in our lives e.g. mother, sister, colleagues, friends can sometimes be a clash of the goddess archetypes. Once this is understood a new perspective and way forward can often be gained.

This workshop will help you to understand how the Sacred Feminine is working within you and through your Soul. With this understanding you are able to access the far greater resources, gifts and qualities that each of these goddess archetypes or ‘power networks’ offer and importantly give you the road map as to how to deepen and add potency to your relationship with them. Throughout the weekend I will guide you through the myths of each of these important archetypes, taking you through the stages of maturity for each and helping you to recognise how they are speaking to you. When they are woven together into a greater conscious harmony, this can greatly empower your sense of Self, ever more deeply connecting you to the Sacred Land, Soul of the World and Great Mother in all of her expressions.

This will be a weekend of journey, exploration and laughter as insights are gained and experiences shared.

Cost: £150 (£60 deposit requested).              Time: 10-4pm both days.

If you would like to attend or have any further questions, please email or phone me via here:  Contact Me