Animal Communication, what it is & a couple of myths about it

Learning intuitive animal communication is an art as well as a skill. As with all newly learnt skills, it takes time and practice as well as application, to hone one’s accuracy and consistency. When this is underway, confidence generally flows naturally.

Along side this, I have found it really important to clearly define what animal communication is and what it isn’t. In this way, at least in the beginning, one is clear about the parameters within which to work.

so, animal communication is the direct line of contact and communication with a being of another species. Instead of talking with another human, we talk to a non-human being. This, in a nutshell is it. No more, no less. When we begin this work, there can be an unrealistic expectation of what animal communication can ‘produce’ in way of ‘results. This can bring undue pressure on the student learning it, and on the being they are connecting with.

One common myth about animal communication is that it is a crystal ball into which we peer so that everything can be known about the animal – past, present and future! In truth, the animal will share what they wish to share and that’s it. This is similar to when we speak to another human for the first time – would we really expect them to divulge their entire life story? This being said, in my work I am often amazed at how much they are willing to share, but not always everything…

Another common myth, is that when an animal is ill, they will know exactly what is wrong with them and what they need to put it right. As much as I wish this were the case, it simply isn’t, no more than it is for us. Now, let me caveat that a bit by saying that within all species there are those who seem to have a more clear, precise and intuitive knowledge of their illness, and will know what they need to do to help matters. And, within the animal realm, particularly when able to, an animal will instinctively try to self-select the right herbs, oils etc to heal. However, this is often a demonstration and a beautiful expression of their survival mechanism rather than their conscious knowledge of a medical diagnosis. So, they may not be able to say precisely what is wrong.

The last example of a common myth around animal communication and one which surprises me to say, people can become a little upset by, is that it is a link direct with the animal before us. In it’s purity we therefore don’t connect with angels, guides, power animals, the higher soul of the animal etc for this work. No, we speak to the animal before us, just as if we are speaking to another family member or friend. This is so important for a number of reasons, I’ll mention a couple but there are more. Firstly, it honours the animal by connecting directly with them and ‘hearing’ them directly. The effects of this ripple out in so many ways, positively affecting the animal collective. Secondly, someone who seeks to really hone this skill needs to first do just that i.e. hone the skill, before weaving in a more expansive platform from which to work. If this isn’t done, then fantasy and projection can soon take over and the genuine heart to heart connection with the animal is lost.

Learning animal communication is such a wonderful thing to learn, and in my view is so important now, as so many of us have heard the call to re-connect with the Earth and the Nature realms, and seek to respond to this. Every time we extend our heart to a non-human animal, it is felt and known. Every time we do this, a little more healing flows into the animal collective.

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