Butterfly type2The Path to Animal Communication: A Six Month 1-to-1 Training Course

This course is specifically designed for those who feel called to develop and hone their intuitive Animal Communication skills. It offers you a unique way to build a very strong foundation in the art of Animal Communication, enabling those who are seeking to respond to the call of the Animal and Nature realms to do so with confidence and proficiency.

Throughout the course I will provide teaching on a 1-to-1 and face to face basis, as well as bi-monthly Skype sessions. Home learning via six course modules and email support is also provided. During the face to face sessions, here in S.E. Cornwall, practical sessions with my various animals will form part of the day. The course runs between March and October, with dates being agreed with each individual.

You can access a full outline of the course by clicking on the  link below: (Press back arrow afterwards return to this website)


I also offer another alternative route for animal communication training: 1-1 teaching sessions via Zoom in animal communication, for further details on this, please look at my “1-1 Teaching tab & Mentoring” tab. 

Please get in touch via email for any further questions.