Listening to horses, learning from them, working with them in a deeper and more meaningful way

Round eyeHorses have worked with us for thousands of years. Although there has been a thin, golden thread trailed throughout history by those humans who understood the journey that horses could take us on, in the main, horses have become the ‘carriers’ of riders who have sought to control and dominate. They have been used and sacrificed in wars and have become a beast of burden.

Always just beneath the surface is their ‘call’ to those of us who will listen, their call has become louder and louder in recent times, and we are beginning to hear it. They long to work with us in a very different way – they reach out to us to call forth the deepest part of who we really are – and this is what they want to engage with. This is the Realm of the horse, and the journey that they can take us on.

We see them portrayed in the Celtic and Greek Myths as beings who can carry the rider to a different realm, one not usually accessed, and they can carry the rider back! The horse is also one of the symbols of the Great Mother as can be seen in the Goddesses of Demeter, Epona and Rhiannon.

My experience with horses, myth and communication has shown me time and again how they always act from a place of Truth. They tell it like it is. They can see deep inside us and they know when we are fully present and when we are not, when we are caught up in emotional turmoil and when we are calm, when we seek to control them through fear and when we seek relationship with them based on trust and integrity.

My work with horses is not based on any particular technique or style of horsemanship, but it is based on non-dominance and relationship, incorporating the more enlightened and progressive approaches.

Celtic HorsesThe workshop that I currently run involves working with horses using animal communication techniques, myth, active imagination and other exercises which help each participant to connect more deeply with either their horse or with the archetype of the horse in general. This in turn opens the way to establish and bring forth a more conscious relationship with their Inner Self (Soul). This will by its very nature affect the relationship one has with one’s horse, and with Life.

This work is for those who really want to connect with the Horse at this deep level and who are up for the challenge of looking deeply within. This enables the participant to begin the journey of bringing forth the jewels that are hidden or denied, and to let go of outworn, restricting concepts and ideas about themselves and their relationship with their horses.

Because this work is not ‘just’ about riding it is open to those who feel a deep connection with horses but who don’t have the opportunity of either working with or having a horse companion.

Most horses want to form a relationship with humans, one that is based on Trust, Integrity, and Truth. If you hear their call, and the call of your Soul, then this work is for you…..

If you are interested in a workshop, but cannot make the date, would like to work on a one-to-one basis or with a couple of friends, let me know as I will try and accommodate this.

“I have never put up resistance…I felt that I did
not have the right to change another if I myself
was not open to being changed by him.”
– Martin Buber