Bob the Dog

Sacred Communication with Animals – First Steps

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Since animal communication first began to become popular a decade or so ago, it has evolved. Where once the animals were calling to us, now they are shouting. Many of us feel this deep within our being and seek to reciprocate by wanting to open ourselves soulfully to hear what they have to say and to enter into the sacred ground of communication and communion with the animals that we share this beautiful planet with. In this workshop you will be able to take the first steps along this path which also incorporates communicating, via distance communication (using photographs), with some of my dogs, cats and horses.

We will explore:

  • The historical and cultural context of our inherent sacred relationship with animals and Nature and how we lost it.
  • Why animal communication is an important part of humanity’s new Spirituality.
  • What animal communication is and what it isn’t.
  • The evolution of animal communication; what the animals say they want now.
  • What the human needs to do in order to be able to hear the animals speak.

You will learn:

  • Through a series of progressive practical exercises, you will learn the technique of authentically connecting with an animal, and what this feels like.
  • The process of how communicating with an animal works, and begin to explore how you will best receive communications.
  • The most common blocks that will hinder your connection and how these can be approached in order to remove them.
  • How to engage in distance communication with an animal using a photograph

Animal Communication practical:

  • As I have a variety of animal companions, you will be able to practise what you have learnt using distance communication.
  • I will be able to validate what you have received, helping you to identify the difference in feel between accurate and inaccurate communication.
Nelly the dog
Nelly our beloved dog

I like to work with small groups, so with this in mind the number of participants in the workshop will be limited to around 6-10 participants so booking early is recommended.

If you would like to attend or have any further questions, please email me via the contact page or via Alternatively you can ring me on 07748 388731