Animal Communication

Communicating with animals is the most awesome of things. When one actually begins to ‘hear’ other animals it opens up a whole new world, no it’s bigger than that – it opens up a universe of possibility, knowledge and experience. Just think about this for a minute: If all of the other animals that we share this beautiful planet with, speak and can be communicated with, then how might this open, change, re-order how you live your life and how you experience living here on Earth…? I have come to believe that those who are drawn to this subject already know deep down that “All speaks”, and this is part of the draw, i.e. to have their world opened up to so much more possibility and relationship. I also think that this can bring up equal amounts of anxiety, and this is because of the inherent separation that humanity as a collective is in with the rest of Nature. And this, this anxiety can cause a hesitancy in those who really do want to communicate with animals, because somewhere deep within they know that there are consequences to opening this door, and that this door is a also a threshold which holds great power. So, there usually comes a time when an individual encounters what I call a “threshold” moment. They teeter on the threshold of an open doorway, sensing that passing across the threshold has the potency to forever change them and their experience of living here on Earth. There usually isn’t any way around this moment, which is why I like to broach this subject as part of my teaching. It’s also why learning animal communication is so much more than “learning animal communication”! 

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