Animal Communication

I’ve been busy with animal communications right up to Christmas. I love this work – the animals have so much they want to say and so much that they have to give and share with us. I have found time and again, that their wisdom and perception is of such value to their human household or carer, and they long to be listened to.

I was working with Midnight the other day – he’s one of my horses and is just over 3. On one level he might be seen as being quite a dominant young horse who is prone to bolshiness! There are different levels of perception here and you will see what you want to see or are able to see. So although to the outside observer he may appear as being a dominant character on another level – when he and I work together in the arena or when out walking together he is talking to me all the time about the need for greater self-definition, clear boundaries, clear direction and clear intention. He always asks and reminds me to hone my energetic awareness of where he is in relation to me. He challenges me to maintain all of this without ever slipping into dominance myself or into ego. He is a great teacher and we have much fun together. Of course all that he teaches me in the arena is equally applicable in my life as a whole! This is what I love about working with horses in this way – they offer such gifts, and often like Midnight they love working with us in this way too!


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