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Animal Communication

Changing roles as one gets older….. It often surprises people when I talk about animals needing to feel they have a specific role within the family. This is something which humans don’t tend to think about. I find that sometimes ‘behavioural problems’ arise when an animal companion either doesn’t feel they have a role or […]

Sacred Feminine

  My work with the Sacred Feminine has, over the years, led me deeper and deeper into a vast tapestry of connection and source of wisdom.  Often though I’ve also found that people mistake Sacred Feminine for “feminist”, but they’re not the same thing.  However important the work of the feminist movement has been and […]

Animal Communication

I’ve been busy with animal communications right up to Christmas. I love this work – the animals have so much they want to say and so much that they have to give and share with us. I have found time and again, that their wisdom and perception is of such value to their human household […]

EarthAnimal & Celtic Art

I’ve just completed my latest painting: using an early bronze from Austria dating back to 4th Century BC as inspiration. Two horses facing one another, with a smaller pair below with a figure in between. It felt as if I was looking at an image of the Great Mother in between her symbol of the […]

Realm of the Horse

I worked with Nuzzle yesterday in the arena (she’s our little Dartmoor cross pony). She loves it in the arena. I wanted to work with her off-line which met with her approval. ‘Let’s have some fun’, she said. ‘Let’s play’. Ok I said and we did. She leapt and danced and then came back to […]

Sacred Feminine – Who Are These Archetypes, And What Relevance Are They To Me?

A few people have asked me to explain the Goddess Wheel Workshop in more detail, and to clarify some terms. Thinking about this has opened up a wider field that feels worth exploring in more detail. The term ‘goddess’ means different things to different people. Some people are comfortable with the term, others are not.  […]

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